The Sources

I've spent 15+ years amassing this collection of the BEST fantasy football sources to win my league. This is the list of fantasy football writers, websites, and podcasts for the 2021 NFL season. Maybe don't show your leaguemates...

Established Vets - Writers

Evan Silva

(Twitter: @evansilva) - A co-founder of Establish the Run and former rotoworld staple, Evan's annual Top 150 is single handedly the most valuable fantasy football tool on the internet. Someone he convinced me to draft last year? Allen Robinson.

Scott Barrett 

(Twitter: @scottbarrettDFB) - The director of dank stats at, Scott is an incredible in-depth analyzer of talent and knows a stud when he sees one. I didn't see anyone higher on Lamar Jackson in 2019. For that alone, he deserves a follow. 

Dwain McFarland

(Twitter: @dwainmcfarland) - Analyst for,,, #UtilizationReport, @FFHustle podcast, and 3X @FFPC Top 5 Finisher. His Utilization Report will help you win a championship. It is the most valuable weekly set of tweets in fantasy football. 

Jake Ciely

(Twitter: @allinkid) - Everyone who follows Jake swears by his rankings. He is highly regarding as an expert in the industry and is a senior writer at the Athletic.

Pat Mayo

(Twitter: @thepme) - A legend of fantasy football. Not only is Pat incredibly accurate but he's also funny as shit. He bets and wins BIG and is a Draft Kings contributor.

Justin Boone

(Twitter: @justinboone) - FantasyPros Most Accurate Expert for 2019 and Top 10 in 7 of last 8 seasons. Safe to say, his weekly rankings are gold. You really can't ask for more than great weekly rankings, but Justin finds a way deliver even more. 

Patrick Kerrane

(Twitter: @patkerrane) - A dynasty specialist, Pat also is a great source for best ball info. He is the co-host of the 'Ship Chasing podcast and a writer for Establish the Run.

Jeff Ratcliffe

(Twitter: @jeffratcliffe) - The director of fantasy football at Pro Football Focus, Jeff has industry knowledge that is only matched by few. This year, he's high on Dionte Johnson and convinced me to buy. 

Jason Moore

(Twitter: @jasonffl) - A top 10 most accurate analyst each of the past three years. A member of the award winning Fantasy Footballers Podcast and a die-hard fantasy player. 

Jeff Collins

(Twitter: @jeffkcollins) - A DFS legend. A go-to every week. His twitter bio says it all. Guy is a winner. 

Ryan McDowell

(Twitter: @ryanmc23) - Following Ryan is an absolute MUST if you are trying to win your dynasty league. ADP info, trade info, and so much more from Ryan. 

Up and Coming Young Guns - Writers

Derek Brown

(Twitter: @DBro_FFB) - Derek is a fantasy football writer and podcaster. Can't put a finger on a specific best quality of Derek's material, but it is all fantastic and you'll be glad to have him in your corner during the season.

Rich Hribar

(Twitter: @LordReebs) - Rich is no hyperbole, just facts based on analysis.

Jamie Moyer

(Twitter: @jmoyerfb) - Jamie might have the best NFL skill video breakdowns on the internet. Not only are they crazy informative, but they are also really fun to watch. 

Nick Whalen

(Twitter: @_nickwhalen) - Nick is a down to earth contributor to the Dynasty Nerds. But his in-depth rookie reports might be the best of the best on the internet. There is no better spot to turn if you want to learn about the latest rookies. 

Garret Price

(Twitter: @dynastyprice) - A dynasty legend, Garret is the host of Dynasty Nerds podcast, and following him is a must for anyone trying to win their dynasty league. 

JetPack Galileo

(Twitter: @jetpackgalileo) - Provides some incredibly unique content and predictive analysis for future careers. Has an incredible correlation between his projections and actual output. This might be his real name. 

 32 Beat Writers

(Twitter: @32beatwriters) - Follows and retweets all 32 NFL teams' beat writers so you don't have too. 


Fantasy Points - (Premium with some free content)

Establish The Run - (Premium with some free content)

Fantasy Football Astronauts - (Free)

Rotoworld - (Free)

Fantasy Pros - (Free)

Rotowire - (Free)

Dynasty League Football - (Free) 

The Athletic - (Premium)

Harris Football - (Free) - (Premium with some free content)


Fantasy Points - A rundown of the articles posted on one of the best fantasy football sites out there. You don't want to miss this.

The FF Newsletter - A comprehensive but clean list of the most helpful fantasy football headlines/content delivered to your inbox to help give you an edge. 




The Fantasy Football Hustle - Hosted by Dwain McFarland and Brian Drake, this is an entertaining and informative podcast that looks beyond the film and digs deep into the numbers within the game. 

Harris Football - Chris Harris is an eight-year veteran of ESPN who launched his own fantasy football podcast in 2015. Chris's worldview on fantasy is: analytics are fine, but there’s no substitute for watching game film, so he watches all the film, every game, to establish opinions about players and to produce ranks that help you win. 

The Fantasy Footballers - Probably the most well-known podcast in the industry, these guys know their stuff and are entertaining as hell. 

Dynasty Nerds - Dynasty nerds. Great Podcast to learn more about dynasty values and trade targets.

The Late Round Podcast - Hosted by J.J. Zachariason, this podcast uses deep analytics to help you win your league.

The Sonic Truth Dynasty Podcast - The Podfather (@Fantasy_Mansion) and Nate Liss (@AnOutragedJew) deliver irrelevant analogies, regrettable anecdotes, and face-melting advanced football metrics.

Up and Coming

The FF Plug - An overall great dude, the podcast has in-depth research and goes deep on players. You can learn things you weren't expecting that go beyond football stats, but translate to on-field success. Highly recommend. 

The Fantasy Fails Show – Every time you disagree with a statement, take a drink. You’ll be hammered by the end of the show but enlightened with fantasy football stats during these entertaining (maybe NSFW) podcast episodes. 

The Cut - Experts at giving entertaining, explicit and heated debates, as well as the best mediocre fantasy, dynasty, and NFL draft advice. They give both sides to each take, so you get no bias reviews.