Our first annual list of the top 160 players in 0.5 PPR scoring. These are based on a standard, 1 QB league. This scoring format has led me to tit...
  • Deep Dive: Cam Newton - New England Patriots QB

    There is enough doubt over Cam's health that his cost is not high enough to outweigh his top 4 QB upside. There appears little risk Newton doesn't play much this year, and his upside is sky-high with the best combination of o-line and play-calling (Josh McDaniels) of his career.
  • The Best Fantasy Football Twitter Writers, Websites, and Podcasts for the 2020 NFL Season

    I've spent 14 years amassing this collection of the BEST fantasy football experts and sources to win my league. This is the list of fantasy football writers, websites, and podcasts for the 2020 NFL season. The list includes Evan Silva, Scott Barrett, Jake Ciely, Jason Moore, Pat Mayo & more.
  • The 389 Best Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2020 NFL Season

    Be creative, be brave, and most of all, be funny. Take inspiration from everywhere; the horrible ending in Game of Thrones, Big Ben's issues with consent, everything is fair game. Here is a list of almost 400 fantasy football team names for the 2020 NFL season.