Your live draft. Better.

Everything your live fantasy football draft deserves.
Love fantasy football?

So do we. After 15+ years, we created what we've always wanted: a fully-stocked fantasy football draft pack fitted with the finest board, stickers, customized championship ring + everything else you can think of.

The fully-loaded Draft Pack makes your live fantasy football draft the best one yet.

The Draft Pack is filled with everything below. And more.

For every Draft Pack sold, $5 is donated to help provide financial assistance to kids who can't afford to play sports.

Massive Draft Board

An enormous, standalone board that fits up to 12 squads and 23 rounds per team. Take your draft party to the next level with this 8ft x 3.5ft board.

Champ's Ring

Customized, diamond-studded championship ring made to be worn by fantasy greats. Win and it is yours.

Jumbo Labels

500+ color-coded NFL player labels that are so big you can see them from Mars. We've got every fantasy-worthy player covered, so put that sharpie down.


An "I Suck At Fantasy Football" sign comes included in every draft pack as a reminder for that guy/girl who finished last in your league. You decide if they wear it standing at the side of a highway.

Custom Ring Case

Customized with your league name, year, and team name - this ring case is yours forever. Once you win, no one can take that away from you. Engraved so your league mates never forget.

Pick Stickers

These stickers are used to keep track of the draft order. Some leagues trade picks, so you place these stickers on top of each player as you go. We also added some K's for your keeper picks.

We've spent years creating the Draft Pack to ensure it's everything you need for a great draft. You just need to pick the right players.