The fully-loaded, one of a kind draft pack by Red Zone makes your live fantasy football draft the best one yet. We do everything except pick the players. That's on you.


What's included in the Draft Pack?

See below. And remember, everything listed is included, no extra charges.

For every Draft Pack sold, $5 is donated to KidSport to help provide financial assistance to kids who can't afford to play sports.


The fantasy football draft board was built to be exactly what fantasy football drafts require. It isn't fancy. There isn't a picture of your favourite cheerleaders ass. It's a great, old fashioned draft board.

The 3 foot by 5 foot board is enough for 14 teams and 20 rounds. It is an ideal board for 8, 10, 12, and 14 team leagues. 

When we ship the board, we don't roll it to avoid everything becoming warped. This board is so big, you can draft up to 280 players.


With 440+ fantasy football player stickers updated daily, we don't miss anyone relevant. As clever as you feel pulling out that marker and writing in the Patriots latest 6th round WR, don't worry. We have everyone covered.

We've included extra space in case you are hoping on another Brett Favre comeback.


Win and it is yours. It's that simple. It's a custom made ring. There will be a new one every year.

Chances are this is the first draft kit you've bought with a ring. Do a ring ceremony at this draft for the previous winner, if they deserve it.

But remember, winners only. 


We've partnered with the award-winning, highly ranked team at to provide you with their latest fantasy football cheat sheets - if you know anything about fantasy football, you know these are absolute money. Beer sheets, rankings, whatever you call them, these are the best.


The ring-holder. Customized to your league & year, it will sit beside your bed forever. Once you win, no one can take that away from you. It will be engraved so your league mates never forget.

Women will notice, men will be jealous. Everyone will know who the champion is.


They deserve it. Let them wear it during the draft so they remember what they have done, or better, failed to do. 

We've provided a list of places that it would be great to have them wear this sign. 


Sometimes you're checking instagram, other times your grabbing a beer, but regardless, you might forget what pick your on.

It is easy to forget the draft order. These stickers are fool-proof. Stick em as you go, pick by pick. It also helps when you're doing a keeper draft (we've included a few K's too). A late addition was the "T" - when a player is traded, you can use this to highlight the move.


Complete honesty: we were going to ship you a huge cardboard stand... but couldn't afford to charge you the extra $60.

This is the best choice. Stop checking your moms drawers for tape. These are easy-to-use, easy to peel off, and best of all, cheap. Tell your wife/parents/roommates that they won't have to worry about tape this draft. If you don't have a wall and really want a stand, let us know and we'll find one for you at cost. 


Who do you got as the top QB this year? What about RB? Have some fun with your league mates and look back at the end of the year to see how far some teams have come.

Fill these out during the draft, email your picture to us with the subject line Predictions and you'll be entered to win an autographed card of the fantasy football MVP that season. Goodluck.



We know what you're thinking.

Is it all really included? Yes. Is this everything I need for my draft? Yes. Am I dreaming? No.

Order the draft pack and go win your league, champ.

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The Red Zone Draft process was very well structured, simple to follow and has a smooth design. First live draft I’ve engaged in and likely not the last. I strongly recommend Red Zone to everyone wanting that authentic live fantasy draft experience.

Andrew (Ottawa)

As a commissioner of a long time keeper league , we have used many different draft kits before but REDZONE is by far a class above the rest! Absolutely great product would recommend to all follow commissioners to switch over to REDZONE ASAP your league mates will thank you !

Martin (Chicago)

What a great way to advance and innovate our fantasy football. It felt like we were participating in the actual draft!! Player stickers color coded is a nice touch as it made it easier to locate your draft selection and makes it easier to track who has or hasn't gone. Cant wait to see who will be wearing that loser sign in our league this season. Thanks Red Zone!

John (Toronto)